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  • Innovative AI Expertise: Our AI systems analyze patterns of successful applications, enhanced by Judge Alsamhan's profound legal insights.
  • Legal Mastery: Led by Judge Alsamhan, our team possesses unparalleled depth in EB2 NIW applications.
  • Efficiency & Accuracy: Melding AI insights with legal prowess guarantees impeccable applications.
  • Transparent Process: Get real-time AI updates on your application status and predictive outcome insights.

Our AI-Driven Services

Empowering Your EB2 NIW Journey with Cutting-Edge AI Technology. Welcome to the future of U.S. immigration services.

At Smart E-Judge LLC, we combine the power of Artificial Intelligence with unmatched legal expertise to streamline the EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) application process.

Dive into a new era of immigration support, championed by our respected managing partner, Judge Eyad Alsamhan.

  • Automated Document Review and Assembly
  • Predictive Outcome Analysis
  • Tailored Legal Strategy using AI data
  • Continuous Application Monitoring
  • AI-Enhanced Interview Preparation
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"Under the combined power of Judge Alsamhan's expertise and AI, my application process was a breeze. Smart E-Judge is leading a new wave in immigration!"

"The melding of tech and legal expertise is simply astounding. The future of immigration is here!"


What is EB2 NIW?
The EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) is an employment-based immigration category, inviting exceptional professionals to pursue a U.S. green card without the need for employer sponsorship, if it aligns with U.S. interests.
For Verification: Please click here to verify credentials with USCIS.
How does AI refine the application journey?
Our AI tools thoroughly analyze datasets of successful applications, provide alerts for potential challenges, and fortify application strengths, always under the watchful eye of Judge Alsamhan's expertise.

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